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If ever in Cyprus, be sure to check out the hot girls that work in our escort agency

Cyprus is an island country located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and a member state of the EU. It is located east of Greece, north of Egypt, northwest of Israel, west of Syria and Lebanon and south of Turkey, so as you can imagine, the world’s most beautiful women live here. Just think of all the girls in Cyprus you can meet. No matter if you visit Paphos, Larnaca, Limassol, Nicosia, or a whole other city, you are without a doubt going to be surrounded by only the prettiest Cyprus girls. Just imagine all that could happen if you chose to have your vacation on Cyprus. For instance: You arrive on a sunny day, get off of your plane, and immediately you are surrounded by gorgeous girls. In the cab, on your way to the hotel, you see at least ten girls, each one more pretty than the last. In the hotel, a receptionist that looks like the girl from your dreams greets and shows you to your room. You instantly leave all your luggage, grab your swimsuit and a towel and head for the beach which is located right across from the hotel. On the beach, there are thousands of local hot girls enjoying the lovely day in their bikinis, showing off their best features. The sight is good enough to make your mouth water. You spread your towel on the sand and lay down, soaking up the view. You know very well that Cyprus girls are well known for their perfect bodies and natural looks. Their big, perfectly round curves might look fake, but trust us, no cuts were made on girls in Cyprus. Sexy girls all around you, some playing volleyball with their breasts and booties shaking all over the place, some swimming, some sunbathing. Suddenly, the girl right beside you asks you to put some sunblock on her back. How convenient of her to get your attention that way, right? You, of course, do it and that is where the flirting begins. She is stunning, has long, chocolate brown hair and eyes that go perfectly with it, her skin tone is bronze and shines in the summer sun, her features are just the right size, not too big but not too small. To sum it up, she is just your type. You chat for hours and when the time comes to head to the hotel, surprise, she is staying at the same one as you. If this coincidence isn’t weird enough, it turns out her room is right across from yours. You gather the courage and ask her out on a date. She, of course, says yes and you agree to meet in the hall at 9PM. This fantasy could go on and on, but why should it be just a fantasy? All you have to do is pack a suitcase or two, depending on how long you plan on staying and come to Cyprus. Hot girls are just waiting for new and exciting men to come to their island. There are so many amazing things to be seen in the cities of Cyprus and so many new experiences just waiting for you. Would it not be more fun to share those experiences with a beautiful woman, rather than having them alone? If you are one of those men, who always dreamed of doing something like this, but are too shy and insecure to go for it, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. It is okay if you can bring yourself to flirt with random Cyprus girls, because there are agency escorts waiting just for guys like you. Stop being scared of what might or might not happen. Call our agency, book a date and come live out your wildest fantasies. Tell us what you like in a girl, what you prefer a girl to look like, if you like it when a girl is free-spirited and loud, or maybe if you are into sophisticated, well mannered girls, wild ones, it doesn’t matter. We have all types of escorts, and we are not just talking about their manners, we mean their looks too. Maybe you always wanted to try something exciting with a redhead, but never had the courage to do so. Well, now is your chance. By booking a date, time and place, we send our girl to meet you there, and she is always punctual. She can show you all the interesting things that are to be seen in town, and it is definitely much more fun touring an unknown city with a sexy girl who knows her way around than with a tour guide. Just imagine all the heads you would turn with our girl beside you, not because she looks provocative, which she doesn’t, but because there is no prettier girl in town than the one you are with. Go with her to the local farmers market, or to a restaurant, a play, or anything else that comes to mind. The sky is the limit and there is no telling how much fun you can have with our girl. Of course, touring the city is not the only thing you can do with our agency escorts. Sure girls in Cyprus are beautiful and friendly, but they are not half as friendly as our escorts are, that is for sure. If you didn’t come to Cyprus for the touristy things, but for a more sexually oriented experience, to do something you have never done before, you can be assured that we will find a girl for those purposes too. Tired of doing the same boring thing over and over, with girls who you hook up just because? The hot girls that work for us come from all parts of Cyprus, which means they all know something different and can’t wait to do it to you. Our escorts are capable of magnificent erotic things. They love to tease their clients, play around and seduce them. Spend an hour or even a full day with one of our lovely ladies and let her take care of all your sexual needs. Relax and let her do all sorts of things to you, or better yet take control of the situation yourself and make her your submissive. Order her to lay in a certain kind of position, do specific things with her hand or legs, tell her to be quiet or let her moan and scream with pleasure, spank her, do all the kinkiest things that come to mind. She won’t mind, she will love it. The whole point why our agency girls are in this job isn’t because they are bored or want to earn some easy cash. They are in this business because they enjoy making the people they meet happy. Their main focus is to give them pleasure and an unforgettable time. So if you are one of those men who never dared to come up to a beautiful girl and ask her out, or if you are simply on vacation and wish to do something new and exciting, or are on a business trip and wish to have a little fun, just call out escort agency and enjoy in the things that follow. All you have to do is make a phone call, book a date and tell us what kind of women interest you, and we will pair you with the escort from our agency we think will suit you best. It can be a sophisticated black haired, dark smokey eyed Greek goddess with an hourglass figure, a petite, natural blond with big, blue eyes and shiny, bronze skin, a foxy redhead with eyes as green as emeralds and a pale tone, and everything in between. No matter what girl we choose for you, you won’t be disappointed. Our escorts can be as polite and charming as possible if you need one for a business oriented event, maybe a dinner or party. They can also act wilder than you could imagine if that is how you want them to be. Go ahead and try all the things you’ve always wanted, but never had the courage or opportunity to. Our beauties are up and ready for anything you can throw at them, be it as naughty as imaginable. If our clients are not happy, we are not happy. Pack a bag and escape from reality for some time. Leave all your troubles behind and get ready for the adventure of your life. Having in mind that we are a serious escort agency with highly professional escorts who know exactly how to do their job, it is normal that our prices start at the average of $150 hours per hour. If you want to spend more time with one of our escorts, naturally, you have to pay more. The money should not be an issue, since you are paying for the best experience in your life.