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Escort in Limassol - Kate
Verified-Escort Escort in Limassol

Escort in Nicosia - Bianca
Verified-Escort Escort in Nicosia (Cypriot Side)
Satisfaction for you.
Escort in Limassol - AndradaHappy
Verified-Escort Escort in Limassol
Escort in Larnaca - Monika
Verified-Escort Escort in Larnaca
Escort in Limassol - Mila
Verified-Escort Escort in Limassol
Girlfriend experience
Escort in Ayia Napa - Christina
Verified-Escort Escort in Ayia Napa
Blonde Angel
Escort in Limassol - Nikole
Verified-Escort Escort in Limassol
holidays in Cyprus
Escort in Limassol - Giulia
Verified-Escort Escort in Limassol
Escort in Limassol - MOLI
Verified-Escort Escort in Limassol
Real supermodel !!
Escort in Larnaca - Mila
Verified-Escort Escort in Larnaca
Petite angel
Escort in Nicosia - Valery
Verified-Escort Escort in Nicosia
Big Boobs
Escort - Ketty
Verified-Escort Escort in Nicosia
Just come and kiss...
Escort in Ayia Napa - Bianca
Verified-Escort Escort in Ayia Napa
Blond angel
Escort in Limassol - ZLATA❤SF
Verified-Escort Escort in Limassol
DD Natural BOOBS
Escort in Limassol - Eryka
Verified-Escort Escort in Limassol
Escort in Limassol - JESY
Verified-Escort Escort in Limassol
First time in Limassol
Escort in Limassol - VICTORIA
Verified-Escort Escort in Limassol
100% real photos
Escort in Nicosia - ELENA
Verified-Escort Escort in Nicosia
Only plesure
Escort in Limassol - Marina
Verified-Escort Escort in Limassol
Sexy Girl
Escort in Limassol - Londa
Verified-Escort Escort in Limassol
holiday 2 weeks
Escort in Nicosia - MILA
Verified-Escort Escort in Nicosia
Escort in Nicosia - Inna
Verified-Escort Escort in Nicosia
Escort in Nicosia - Sofia
Verified-Escort Escort in Nicosia (Cypriot Side)
Hot for you
Escort in Limassol - Victoria
Verified-Escort Escort in Limassol
Waiting for u
Escort in Limassol - Ketrin
Verified-Escort Escort in Limassol
I Love sex
Escort in Paphos - Anna
Verified-Escort Escort in Paphos
Hot student
Escort in Ayia Napa - EVA-Apl✅
Verified-Escort Escort in Ayia Napa
✅ Young & Hot ✅
Escort in Ayia Napa - Vika
Verified-Escort Escort in Ayia Napa
Unforgettable Moments
Escort in Paphos - Amelia
Verified-Escort Escort in Paphos
New Candy
Escort in Nicosia - Tanya
Verified-Escort Escort in Nicosia
Your desire

Our verified escort girls are the best choice when looking for some fun in Cyprus

Nowadays, many people who travel to foreign countries love having escorts to accompany them. This has become a common thing and therefore the demand for verified escort girls is increasing. That is exactly why we offer the best VIP escorts. They offer excellent company and all for reasonable prices. It is really easy to find a verified escort in Cyprus since our agency works with the best ones. One of our top priorities is your privacy. We completely understand that your private information is just that: private. Our verified escort girls are the best in the business. They are perfect for all sorts of events. If you are a tourist in Cyprus, our escorts can accompany you to dinner, a party, wedding, you can go clubbing or even on a trip. What you do afterward is completely up to you. The ladies we offer work for the standard hourly fee of $150, and the price grows as the time expands. Our girls can also provide you with the most amazing sexual experience of your life if you choose to get intimate.

We are the leading agency in Cyprus exactly because we work with verified escort girls. Knowing what a world we live in, it is very important to us to prove to our clients that our girls are 100% real and magnificent. We work with some of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful girls. We have ladies from all over the Mediterranean: from Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, and Greece. So many of them live right here, in Cyprus. Just imagine spending some time with an exotic goddess who speaks English with a sexy Greek or Turkish accent. If you are over your head with your everyday life, with your friend, family and work and just want to get away from it all for a while, come to Cyprus and live out a new, mind-blowing experience.

Just take a moment and imagine yourself coming to Cyprus. You’re a tourist in a beautiful country filled with incredible things to see. But are not here for sightseeing, are you? No. You came to this island country to receive the best sexual service in your whole lifetime. No random person you meet can offer you a sensual experience like our verified escorts can, not will you ever have this much fun with a random girl. Our VIP escorts know all the best café’s, restaurants and clubs, can easily take you to all of them. Imagine going clubbing to the hottest nightclub in town with not one, but two of the sexiest VIP escorts on the island. Why the hell not? This is your moment and you will enjoy it providing nothing but the best for you, and we are right here at your service to help you. You can drink, dance and sing all night long, and when you’ve had enough, take your bombshells to your hotel room and start the real party. Let these girls seduce and tease you. Let them kiss and touch every inch of your body. You can be as kinky as you want to be and be sure that they will love it. Go ahead and do all the dirtiest things you ever dreamt of doing but never had the chance. Our escorts are perfect ladies when in public, but when it comes to the bedroom, they can make all your wildest fantasies come true. All you have to do is call our agency, book a date and tell us what you want your girl to be like.

A verified escort in Cyprus is the surely the best thing for you. Even if the average hourly fee starts at $150, the prices are fairly reasonable since you are paying for the best after all. It is in our interest to assure you that what you pay for is what you get. We are highly professional and that is why we are number one in this business. We don’t play any tricks on our clients. Our girls are breath-taking beauties who are not only physically attractive, but well-mannered, intelligent and have a good sense of humor too. Of course, our verified escort girls don’t provide just sexual services, they are great company for social gatherings as well. Be it a friend’s wedding, a business dinner, some other formal gathering or even just the wish to have some company for lunch or a tour around a foreign city, our ladies are perfect for all of it. You will never have an exciting time touring an unknown place with a tour guide like you will with a verified escort in Cyprus. Our escort agency is just the thing tour guides will avoid. But why should you deprive yourself of the best experience of your life? You can have so much fun doing random things with a Mediterranean goddess, more beautiful that all the girls from your hottest dreams, and afterward have the most amazing sexual experience ever. You can be assured that our agency can hook you up with your perfect match. All you have to do is call us, tell us what you like, what you are interested in, what kind of girls interest you, and we will match you up with the girl from your dreams. After that, all that is left to do is book a date, back a suitcase and come to Cyprus. Everything else can be put on hold because nothing at home is as important as it is for you to fulfill your wildest dreams. How many times have you been sitting at home fantasizing about meeting the perfect girl and doing all the fun things that interest you? You don’t have to daydream anymore, because we have your gal right here in our agency, in Cyprus.

Be the person you were always scared to be and take control of your life. Don’t be afraid to live and try out new and exciting things. Be the adventurer you always wished you were and come to Cyprus. There are verified escort girls and VIP escorts waiting for people just like you. Our girl long for meeting new people, getting to know them and satisfy them. Just imagine all the good things that could happen if you take this trip and come on vacation here.

Just think of all the fun that is waiting for you here. You call us, tell us your preferences and wishes, book a date and not long after, come to our county. We match you up with the girl from your dreams, who arrives at your hotel room right on time, as agreed. A petite beauty, with long, black hair tied up in a high ponytail, with mesmerizing hazel eyes and a smile that leaves you breathless. She is the “girl next door” type, the type you only see in movies. She has a beautiful, dark skin tone and is wearing a tight, peach color summer dress which emphasizes her breasts, waist, and sexy, long legs perfectly. This sight alone is almost enough to make you finish before even starting anything sexual. She is very pleased to meet you, as are you. Right about now you are thinking to yourself how this is the best decision you ever made in your life. You let your date in and start chatting a little. Our escort has experience with your type, so she knows that talking before getting into anything sensual is really good for you because it helps you relax. After a short time, you are ready to begin. First, since you aren’t all that experienced, you kiss her gently and stroke your hands down her waist, to her hips. Without you even noticing, she take over and soon enough you realize, she took her dress off and is now taking off your clothes. Underneath her dress, she is wearing a black silk panties and matching bra. This sight turns you on more than anything in your entire life ever has because this actually is happening. You are having sex with the hottest girl imaginable and it is amazing. Not just amazing, you are being provided the best sexual experience of your life. The girl you are with isn’t just doing it with you, she is full of passion and is doing her best to satisfy you and make you happy.

This scenario is just one of a thousand that are possible with a verified escort in Cyprus and with VIP escort. Like we said, sex isn’t the only thing that our ladies are good at and it is not necessary to have a memorable time. But, if that is the reason you contact us, it is totally fine with us because we offer some of the world’s best verified escort girls. Your satisfaction is our priority and with our Mediterranean beauties, we are sure that all your needs can and will be fulfilled. The only thing you need to do is give us a call and enjoy the unforgettable experience that follows.

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